The association

The cultural association called subterranea is made up of volunteers who have been working in Narni for many years to discover and valorize the rich cultural heritage hidden underground.
Narni underground is a fascinating visit back in time to the discovery of aqueducts, cisterns and mysterious secrets of the Inquisition..

Our research

The search for documentation started in 1979 and is still continuing today. Important discoveries have been made in the Vatican’s secret archives, the archives of what was once the Inquisition and even those of Trinity college in Dublin. The results of our research have been published in important historical journals such as the prestigious Lincei National Accademy.

Our commitment

Ours is a no profit organization and over the years has undertaken many projects which have contributed to the archaeological site’s growth and popularity, amongst these the production of a film/documentary (aired on national television and acclaimed at the Rovereto International film festival), the publication of several articles in prestigious newspapers (The Times, Die Zelt and CNN), various fund-raising concerts and the campaign against violence towards women.

Pictures :Courtesy of Aroti Meloni

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